The Colorways of Watch Kit Pro

A preview of all colorways in Watch Kit Pro, which you can use to change the look of your watch face.

The Colorways of Watch Kit Pro

Watch Kit Pro ships with a set of 16 preset colorways, with which you can change the color palette of your watch face. Each with up to 24 permutations. You can also define your own; there are over 16 million colorway combinations (to be precise, 64⁴ = 16,777,216).

To switch your colorway in Watch Kit Pro, access Settings, then choose Configure Watch Face Preset, then Configure Colors and Materials, then Colorway. Or, scroll down and choose any four colors of your liking.

The full, up-to-date list of Watch Kit Pro preset colorways is available in the source code:

For your viewing pleasure, a preview of each follows:

Amethyst Amber (0x813e00)

Default for: Watch Kit Pro B

Description: A contrasting combination of gemstones.

Bougainvillea (0x0e216e)

Description: A climbing vine with riotous pink flowers. Native to South America. Will grow and thrive in a sub-tropical climate near you. Infrequently fragrant.

Country Club (0xf84e00)

Default for: Watch Kit Pro C

Description: For entry and drinks at your prestigious local rugby club.

Guava (0x458944)

Description: Sweet exotic green and pink. Available at your local Asian supermarket.

Hawk (0xe15a00)

Description: For Hawthorn Football Club fans.

Lavender Rose (0x43faab)

Description: A classic muted floral metallic, our alternative to rose gold. Also a major plot point in Cryptonomicon, by Neal Stephenson.

Medallion (0x414e40)

Description: We’d like to say that this is our take on a dark metallic palette; but the reality is a little more crass: we somehow got inspired by the Delta Air Lines frequent flyer program...

Mutagen (0x129fcb)

Description: Every programmer who was raised in the 1980s is obliged to dedicate part of their work to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Neon Eyes (0x10f157)

Description: From Cult of Personality, by Living Colour. One of the great hard rock songs of the 20th century. It’s a misheard lyric; it’s actually:

Neon lights, a Nobel Prize
When a mirror speaks, the reflection lies
You won’t have to follow me
Only you can set me free

Orchid Sky (0x993fca)

Montage of watch faces with Orchid Sky colorway

Default for: Watch Kit Pro D

Description: The original Watch Kit Pro colorway. The first graphics code we ever wrote was this combination of teal, purple, pink and white. All our drawing was optimised for this combination. We wanted a watch face that was “hyper-real”; something new that no traditional watch could ever do, rather than a (poor) re-creation of the experience of that traditional watch.

Pacific Sunset (0x6c5e01)

Default for: Watch Kit Pro A

Description: Vivid orange and deep blue.

Palladium (0x02aa55)

Description: Our take on a light metallic palette. Classic wristwatch materials.

Strawberry (0x22012d)

Description: A long time ago, we were contributor developers for a multi-player Internet text adventure game. The founder was brilliant (I think he ended up at Google) and he wrote reams of low level game code on which we lesser mortals built our creations. Anyhow in the depths of the basic room code, in a comment he wrote a poem on his love of strawberries. This colorway is unrelated.

Tactician (0xc000c0)

Description: For special forces operators on night-time deployment.

Venus Flytrap (0xe44711)

Description: For the times you want a carnivorous plant on your wrist.

Via Lactea (0xf41595)

Description: The Milky Way galaxy, Latin translation. The Ancient Romans used to gaze at the night sky, and described the white hazy band in the heavens as via lactea, the road of milk. In modern astronomy, we know this “haze” to be the starlight of hundreds of billions of stars in the galaxy we live.